Here Comes The Sneezing: 4 Ways To Keep Allergy Symptoms Under Control


If you have allergies, you know it's just a matter of time before the symptoms kick in. If you've already had your allergies diagnosed, you know what you're allergic to and your ENT specialist has prescribed treatment. In addition to the instructions provided by your doctor, here are some other simple steps you can take to keep the symptoms under control. Know the Difference If you're like most people with allergies, your symptoms can coincide with seasonal colds and flu's.

22 December 2015

3 Common Misconceptions About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids


Hearing loss is very common as people age. Some 18 percent of U.S. adults between 45 and 54 have this problem, and the percentage is significantly higher for senior citizens. Untreated hearing loss is detrimental to the individual in various ways, but misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids can lead people to delay getting the help they need.  Common Misconceptions  Your Doctor Would Notice If You Have Hearing Loss

29 July 2015